Subject editor for Indo-Tibetan Philosophy for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP).

The SEP is one of the most popular electronic reference works in philosophy. Currently, an editorial board of over 100 distinguished philosophers oversees information across more than 45 topics. These board members solicit contributions from authors around the world, vet the drafts, review postings to the site, and work with authors to keep their contributions current as the scholarship in their topic evolves. At present some 750 entries have been posted to the SEP, typically in the 10,000 word range. I founded the Indo-Tibetan section of the SEP in 2008 (when there was very little information on non-Western philosophical traditions available on it) and, together with Jonardon Ganeri and Jay Garfield have since been handling the commissioning of about 30 entries covering the entire field of the the philosophical traditions of India and Tibet.

Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Buddhist Philosophy (JBP).

The Journal of Buddhist Philosophy is a peer-reviewed journal that is dedicated to the academic discussion of Buddhist philosophy published by SUNY Press. The goal of the Journal of Buddhist Philosophy is twofold: to foster and provide a forum for the academic discussion of Buddhist philosophy and to allow Buddhist philosophy as an independent discipline to engage in conversations with buddhology, comparative philosophy, and Buddhist critical reflection. The Journal of Buddhist Philosophy features peer-reviewed original articles, reports on the most recent developments in the field worldwide, and reviews of the newest book length contributions to the field.  It covers Buddhist philosophy expounded in a variety of languages including Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, as well as English, developed by a wide range of schools as well as thinkers, and studied by means of diverse philosophical approaches.   I have served on the editorial board of the JBP since 2009.

Manuscript review

I regularly review manuscripts of articles and academic monographs for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Acumen, Mind, Erkenntnis, the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, the Journal of Indian Philosophy, Philosophy East and West and the American Philosophical Quarterly.